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8/5/13 2:36 PM 

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Feature Focus - November 2011 

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"Churches are Coming Alive!" 

Transforming Churches Throughout the SEC - by Tim Downs 

Across the Southeast Conference, churches are coming alive! We know that 
the conference has had a successful strategy for new church development, but 
beyond that, we have churches that are expanding and renovating their facilities, 
to serve new and growing ministries. Here are the stories of four of these 
churches, all of whom have found support in loans from the UCC, as well as 
consultation with the conference the national setting of the UCC, and other 
resources. They have each undertaken a major expansion or improvement of 
their facilities to serve the 
changing needs for ministry 
around them. 

The following churches are 
approaching their individual 
campaigns in a variety of 



Church UCC 

| Atlanta, GA 

Holy Trinity Community Church UCC 

| Nashville, TN 

Pilgrimage United Church of Christ 

| Marietta, GA 

Pleasant Hill Community Church UCC 

| Pleasant Hill, TN 

Read on to reflect on recent building projects at various SEC churches. We hope 
that you enjoy reading their updates and viewing some of the photos included 
within their articles. We know there are other churches across the SEC that have 
also gone through building campaigns. We would love to hear from you and know 
your experiences and any words of wisdom that you would like to pass on to the 
rest of the conference. We will be following up on this article with various 
resources that may be of assistance for other churches who may be considering 
undertaking a building campaign. I am sure the pastors of the congregations listed 
below will welcome any questions you may have in beginning your own campaign. 



" ' 





Southeast Conference 


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Headlines from the United 
Church of Christ 

Faith coalition applauds net 
neutrality ruling, offers webinar 
Advocating to maintain 
principles of equal access to 
Internet resources and 
bandwidth, the United Church of 
Christ Office of Communication, 
Inc. (UCC OC Inc.) and the 
World Association for Christian 
Communication, North America 
(WACC North America) are 
offering a free Dec. 6 webinar to 
inform faith communities' use of 
new technologies and the 
importance of net neutrality. 



First Congregational Church | Atlanta, GA 

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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:36 PM 

upuaie» un uur Duiiunig rrujeci -- Dy Dene u/oveo iiiuinai>, ou///////»ee 

Lusk & Company, the General Contractor, has 
finished the grading of the Memorial Garden behind 
the church building, and constructed the masonry 
seat wall that runs along Courtland Street and 
behind the Avis Building (Fig. 1). The grass in the 
Memorial Garden will be planted, later in the fall. 

Bovard Studio was on-site yesterday to 
pick-up the Watts Stewardship stained 
glass window, and other windows for 
refurbishing in their studio in Iowa (Fig. 2). 
Bovard will return later in the fall to re- 
install the Watts Window, and repair the 
exposed stained glass windows in the 

The erection of the fourth and final, steel 
truss was inspected and approved. The 
installation of the IHVAC ductwork in the 
attic that hangs from the steel trusses has 
begun (Fig. 3). This ductwork will supply 
the air conditioning that will cool the 
renovated Sanctuary space. 

Lusk poured the concrete steps and slab 
that connects to the new east entrance. 
Installation of the glass panels in the 
curtain wall at the east entrance will start 

- Rev. Dwight AndrewsRev. Dwight 
Andrews , Pastor 

■ Pleasant Hill Community Church UCC | Pleasant Hill, TN 
Pleasant Hill UCC Renovation Almost Complete 

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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:36 PM 

~ by Hev. lorn Warren, Pastor 

Beginning in January, the Pleasant Hill Community Church has been 
systematically dismantled, expanded, and rebuilt. Along with a completely 
renovated sanctuary, including additional seating for 100 more congregants, our 
building program has included the addition of an all-glass chancel area, chairs 
instead of pews, a state-of-the-art sound system, and new classroom, office 
space, and storage areas. Part of our renovation has included a geo-thermal 
heating and cooling system which is not only "green," but will in the future be very 
cost effective. Boyce Hall, our primary fellowship space has been expanded and 
will include an area for our library, Equal Exchange coffee sales, and third world 

You can see why we are so excited as a congregation 
about moving into our enlarged facility. 

Pleasant Hill Church Rebuild Pleasant Hill 

Church Rebuild 

Outside the building we have incorporated a new church tower with the U.C.C. 
cross and orb rising from the top for all to see. Additionally, our Memorial Garden 
is being expanded and beautified, with doors leading to the garden directly from 
our sanctuary. We will now worship looking out upon Main Street in Pleasant Hill 
("the world") while keeping our eye on the "saints" of the church in our memorial 

We anticipate moving into our new building early in November, with dedication 
ceremonies planned for the weekend of January 6, 7, and 8th of 2012. Come, you 
are all invited to this very special time in the life of our congregation. 

- Rev. Tom Warren Rev. Tom Warren , Pastor 

For more information, please link here to read an earlier article Pleasant Hill 
Ground Breaking published in the Conference Connection. 

■ Holy Trinity Community Church, UCC | Nashville, TN 

"Imagine ... a Hope and a Future" - By Rev. Cynthia 
Andrews-Looper, Pastor 

We are 
about our 
future at 

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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:36 PM 

Community Church! During the month of October (2011), we are celebrating 15 
years as an affirming congregation that believes deeply everyone is welcome. In 
1995, Pastor Cindy and 25 others stepped out in faith, being obedient to God's 
calling, creating a church filled with the Holy Spirit. Over the course of our first 15 
years, we have witnessed many changes with the most consistent change being 

Today, our church offers three worship services every Sunday to accommodate 
those wanting to join in fellowship to worship and honor God each week. We have 
approximately 300 souls touched by the Spirit weekly. The sermons are available 
on our web site for those who cannot make it to services. During the transition 
from one service to the next, our hallways are lined with brothers and sisters in 
Christ patiently waiting to honor God. We clearly need more space. 

This space need led us to prayerful consideration and research about our options. 
After countless hours in prayer and meetings, reviewing new sites and existing 
buildings, the congregation voted to embark upon a Capital Campaign to add onto 
our existing building. "IMAGINE... A Hope and A Future" was officially launched 

and the excitement for our 
future can be felt across the 

With the expanded building, 
we can expand our existing 
ministries. We can open our 
arms to more who are lost 
and hurting and point them 
to their Healer. We can add 
new staff to assist with the 
growing needs of our 
congregation. We can say "yes" to new ministries. We can house simultaneous 
seminars and fellowship opportunities without needing to transition rooms as a 
result of our current space limitations. 

Stepping out in faith is often 
intimidating. But then, the 
Lord has shown us time and 
time again through the 
messages in His Word, if 
what He calls His faithful to 
do could be done by them 
alone, His glory would not be 
known. Looking back on the 
history of our church, seeing 
what He has done so far, 
and sensing what is ahead, there is no doubt His glory will be known! 

We are currently in the midst of our "Imagine ... a hope and a future" campaign. 

We kicked off the public phase on October 20. It will run through the month of 
December. Our minimal goal is 1.9 million. Our mid range goal is 2.48 million and 
our challenge goal is 3.26 million. If we raise our mid range goal or above, we will 
be giving to the SEC campaign. We are very hopeful that we will hit our mid range 
goal and are praying that we will hit our challenge goal. Our plan is to build a new 
sanctuary that will seat at least 450 and expand the education and counseling 
space. The current sanctuary will be used for a fellowship hall, as well as other 
ministry needs like Room in the Inn, large meeting space, etc. This campaign is 
creating an amazing excitement among our congregation as we imagine all that 
God has for us in our future. 

If you have the opportunity to join us, please do! 
We'd love to meet you and worship with you! 

finW'c faiAot- anH hlacch 

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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:36 PM 

"y j "f *"» y«- 

Rev. Cynthia Andrews-Looper Rev. Cynthia Andrews-Looper , Pastor 

■ Pilgrimage United Church of Christ | Marietta, GA 

Becoming a Stained Glass Church - By Rev. Kimberleigh Buchanan, 

In 2004, in the midst of the nation-wide UCC ad campaign, Pilgrimage began to 
experience significant growth. Our small space was quickly becoming too- 
crowded. We did two things in response. First, we started a second worship 
service. Second, we appointed a Task Force to study growth patterns of our 
church and the area, to project 
growth into the future, then to 
make a proposal for what to do in 
response to those projections. 

After many months of work, we 

determined that we wanted to 

stay on our current property 

rather than move. Because our 

property is small — about 3 

buildable acres — we engaged an 

architect to work with us and see 

whether we could build a new 

facility. After many more months 

of work, the architect told us there 

is space for new buildings and parking on our small spot of land. He proposed 

beginning our expansion by building a new worship space and additional parking. 

Pilgrimage Rebuild Pilgrimage Rebuild 

At that point, we undertook a feasibility study to see whether we had the financial 
resources to fund a $2.7 million project. The feasibility study revealed that we 
were not yet ready to fund a project nearly ten times our church's annual budget. 
After 3 years of hard work, it was disappointing to realize we would not be able to 

A few months later, at a fellowship meal in our worship/fellowship space, one of 
our members got up, began moving around the room and dreamed up a 
renovation. He imagined moving the classrooms that ran alongside the worship 
space out of the building, shifting the worship space 90 degrees creating a more 
horizontal than vertical seating arrangement, painting, installing new lighting, 
replacing our metal folding chairs with more comfortable seating, and removing a 
couple of walls. 

He also put together a budget for the renovation — in the ball park of $85,000. We 
also looked into renting a 4-classroom modular unit. Installation of the unit would 
cost $6,000 or so and rental fees would run around $500/month. With 
contingencies, it was looking like $100,000 or so would do it. That even included 

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Leader Link Feature Focus Southeast Conference SECUCC News 

8/5/13 2:36 PM 

newly designed and installed stained glass windows. Sounds great, right? 

Link here to see a power point presentation created to make proposal to church 

Then the fire marshall came to visit. From him we learned that putting a new 
modular unit on the property would require installing a new fire hydrant. Fire 
hydrants — and all the things that accompany them-we learned are quite 
expensive. Then there's the new drainage system and landscaping also required 
by the county. The total cost of our renovation quickly rose to $250, 000... at the 
time, about equal to our annual budget. 

Despite many complications with the fire hydrant process, the renovation went 
smoothly. The renovation itself was completed in less than a year. Two and a half 
years into the three year funding process, we are well on our way to fully paying 
off the renovation this coming summer. 

- Rev. Kimberleigh BuchananRev. Kimberleigh Buchanan , Pastor 

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